Rules & Overview

– Judges are paid evenly of 35% of the money pool 

– Winners of each bracket are evenly paid 25% of the money pool 

– There will be a five-point bonus for mentioning the Black Gamut Ent. podcast battle within the first five minutes of your show 

Judges will not listen to more than an hour of your podcast. It is up to YOU, to keep their attention and get them wanting more from you. Hit’em hard hit’em fast.  

Become a Pod Battle Judge

Want to be a judge for our PodBattles? Send a bio & photo to the email below.

Rules & Overview

Please be sure to review ALL rules and regulations before submitting your podcast.

How you will be judged:

Value: What have the judges been able to take away from your content? Four judges will be grading you on a scale of 1-20. Then you will be given an average score.

Level of Entertainment: How witty, funny, clever is your content Scale 1-20

Live Show Bonus: You do not have to go live but it would be in your best interest. A Bonus of 2 points will be awarded.

Punctual Bonus: Starting your live show on time will give you 5 points. You can also submit your podcast and not go live. If you submit your podcast before 9 am eastern time on the date you are given you will receive the 5 bonus points.

Number of views for your live show: This is where you can rack up a ton of points. This is implemented to test your promotional skill and knowledge. The breakdown is as follows.

1-10 views = 3 points

11-20 views = 6 points

21-30 views = 9 points

31-40 views = 12 points

41-50 views = 15 points

51+ views = 25 points

If you are a podcast that doesn’t go live, then we have another way for you to score big. We will grade your website instead; also on a scale of 1 -25

How your site will be judged:

Content on the site: 1-5

Bio’s of hosts: 1-5

General fan interaction (social media): 1-5

A “signup button” or “subscribe.”: 1-5

The overall presentation of the site: 1-5

Guest Bonus: Having a guest on your show will give you a bonus of 8 points.

Guest Value/Caliber: The higher profile your guest is the better; your guest will also be judged on the value they bring to your show on a scale of 1-20

There is a total of 105 possible points to gain on each podcast you do. This tournament will be set up in March Madness-style. Sixteen podcasts separated into four groups. Single elimination, meaning if you lose then you are out.  Seeding will be randomized once all the contestants have entered.

Each show will be allotted 1 hour maximum to be viewed or heard.

$150 to join.

Major Exposure to help build audiences.

High Calibur Judges with connections

Two Day turnaround on results after judgment

Directions for Submissions

1. Please drag and drop your Media file in to the proper folder. There is an MP3 and MP4 option! Dont forget to complete payment after your submit your podcast!

2. Please add a discription (in Google Drive) of your file that includes: Name of your podcast, social media handles, normal day and time you/your crew record. Your scheduled date to battle will be determined by this information.

3. Once paid & sumbitted we will send you a follow up email with more information and next steps!

After you’ve submitted your link please use the BUTTON BELOW TO PAY your entrance fee. 

We will contact you soon to let you know we got your payment & podcast.

Interested but not ready to sign up? Leave your information below and we will contact you and remind you a few weeks before the sign up deadline.

We thank you for your interest!


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